Wireless Fridge Thermometer


Wireless Fridge Thermometer

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Keep an eye on how your fridge is performing while also checking outside ambient temperature quickly and easily with the Wireless Fridge Thermometer from Companion.

This thermometer consists of a digital LCD receiver and a wireless transmitter. Set up is super simple with 4 x AAA batteries included, once installed correctly and with the battery door in place, position the transmitter centrally inside your fridge. With a wireless frequency and range of 25-30m/433 MHz, place the receiver in a protected area away from direct sunlight and allow approximately 30 minutes for both sensors to stabilise before an accurate reading within 1°C can be taken.

Have peace of mind knowing all your perishables are staying chilled while also seeing the outside temperature dually displayed on the Wireless Fridge Thermometer from Companion.

  • LCD readout
  • Monitors fridge and ambient temperature
  • Wireless connection
  • Easy installation
  • Transmitting frequency 433MHz
  • Range 25-30m
  • 4 x AAA batteries included
External Dimensions: Receiver 5.8W x 1.8D x 8.7H cm | Transmitter 5W x 2.1D x 6.9H

Packed Dimensions: 7.5W x 5D x 11.5H cm

Material: Plastic
Batteries: Receiver 2 x AAA | Transmitter 2 x AAA included
Weight: 0.11 Kg | Receiver 0.06 Kg | Transmitter 0.05 Kg batteries included

Warranty: 1 Year