Butane Gas Cartridge 230g


Butane Gas Cartridge 230g

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The Companion Cartridge Bottle (230g) is made for simple, convenient safety. It’s self-sealing as a great safety feature, which means you can shift it between different appliances even when there’s gas in the bottle. The simple screw-on fitting is quick and easy.

This bottle is fully re-usable, so you won’t waste money purchasing disposable containers, and that also reduces packaging to make it more environmentally friendly. It contains a mixture of propane, isobutane, and butane. The Companion Cartridge Bottle is a great source of fuel for your next camping, hiking or fishing trip.


  • Convenient resealable cartridge - no disposable containers
  • Value allows for the can to be shifted between different appliances, even if gas is left in the cart
  • For the safe disposal of this product after use, please refer to local regulations or waste centre
  • Screw on fitting
  • Pre-sealing valve